Yet Another Product Digest: August 2019, Week 4

Hello Everyone! Here is our curated digest with the most interesting materials from last week.

Must read from Asana team about providing the feedback:

When leaders give feedback on product work like designs, specs, or durign launch review, we say explicitly if it is a Do, Try, or Consider. The note taker creates a task for each do, try, and consider, and assigns it to the relevant person for follow-up.

Interesting thinking about user stories by Hiten Shah

These days I start off from the perspective: β€œIs it worth it?” β€œWhat is it?” and β€œWhy?”

Pendo compiled PMs behavior for East Coast, West Coast, and UX profiles

What makes UK-based product managers particularly focused on revenue. Where the three PM profiles are most similar and most different

Product Plan is trying to clarify the difference between Product managers and product owners

So in short, no, product owners and product managers are not simply the same role under different names. They are two unique functions.

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