Yet Another Product Digest: August 2019, Week 3

Everything you missed about product management this week in our weekly Product Digest.

The guide is how to identify your activation metrics. 4 easy-to-follow steps to follow

by Ben Winter, Head of Growth & Marketing at Fairmarkit

Gartner analyst Michael Porowski advises tech CEOs to follow a 4-step process to guide their product management teams to create better KPIs for product success.

by Laurence Goasduff

Great collection of product walkthroughs form Asana to GoToWebinar and others

by Katryna Balboni

The story of one agile transformation

by Anthony Murphy

If your backlog is bigger then your capacity, here is the guide how to reduce it

by Roman Pichler

The bonus: Truly amazing twitter thread by Melissa Perri about agile transformation