Resume Review for APM roles

Hello everyone!

I recently graduated from a coding bootcamp and after graduation I found out about the career path of PM.

A couple of months later I was able to secure an internship as a PM. My internship is coming to a close and I’m now looking for PM roles.

I’m looking at APM roles and I would like to work at a startup. I would like roles with more emphasis on tech.

Any feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi @KrystalSmith! Thank you for posting your resume! Overall I like how it looks. It is clean and easy to understand.

In terms of improvements, I like the approach to what @Raggie mentioned here: Action, Strategy, Result (feedback).

I think you described the Action and Strategy part very well.
I think you can share more about result part to be more specific. E.g. what was the outcome of the user research? What did you do with it later?
Also, I think will be good to add a few words about the context (what the project, etc).

Are you actively applying? Do you have a statistic about the reply rate you have?

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Hi @NikitaSkitev and thank you! I will definitely incorporate the results.

I’ve just started applying to roles this week since my internship ends soon. I’ve been looking at Associate PM and Junior PM roles, so far I’ve applied to 4 and I’ve already gotten 1 rejection.