Resume Review for a PM Role


Any help is appreciated.

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Ji Irma,
Thank you for posting your resume. I think it didn’t get much attention because it is quite good. I also don’t have many comments about it.

Here are some ideas about you latest experience.

Led a launch for our beta digital curriculum website and released it to K-5 teachers within 2 months of my start date.

I see you have some developer experience. I would like to know what you include in the term Led. Why the new website was required. How did you make research? Who was responsible for design? What metrics did you use? What was the business impact?

Spearheaded User Research initiative and processes which allowed us to quickly iterate on our curriculum experience for the 2019-2020 school year.

I think it will be better if you add some data here. Like “improved conversion rate by XX”

Introduced cadence of weekly Sprint Planning to ensure our highest business and user priorities were in queue for our Engineering team.

I see it is about the process, not the product. I think it is good to include one to show that you improved processes as well. Maybe you can add something else about Agile methodologies.

  • Led a custom CMS platform build and launch in collaboration with Engineering where I ran usability interviews, wrote user stories, scoped architecture and formed the initial strategy to launch a functional product.

No suggestions about this one.

In general, I think your resume looks solid and clean. It will be slightly improved by adding metrics and data analysis.

Good luck with your seeking process!


Thank you so much for this! This is quite helpful.

I do need to get better at adding data and metrics. I’ll work on this.

Thanks again :slight_smile: