Resume Feedback Swap

Hi there!
I’m new to the Product Management area and would appreciate any feedback on my resume, especially in regards to how I frame my PM experience and what skills I’m missing.

Send yours as well and I’d be happy to give any feedback as a thank you!


Hi Ivy,

Thanks for providing feedback on my resume!

I think you have a wealth of experience. I would make the following changes to better present it:

  • Most important; talk about the impact your work had. I know it’s hard to quantify your impact, but that’s what sells. And I’m sure if you do enough searching and thinking, you’ll be able to talk about how your work benefitted the company.

  • I would only add experiences that are relevant to the position you’re applying for. Two 10 on 10 experiences are better than three experiences where two are 10/10 ones but one is an 8/10 one (the average falls down; read it in a psychology book).

  • I would like to see at least a one line description of the companies you worked at.

  • The text is too close to the border lines. I would add some spacing between them.

  • Here’s a general guide that I’ve found really helpful in my journey so far -