Resume feedback please! Happy to help in return :)

Hey guys, I’ve tried my best to follow the online guidelines about creating PM resumes, but I’m sure there’s scope for improvement. I’d be grateful to receive any feedback on my resume as I’m starting to look for PM jobs in Boston. In return, feel free to ask me for something :slight_smile: I’m curious to know how I can help you. Thanks in advance

Hey Nikhil!

I really like your resume overall. The descriptions show a clear picture of the value you provided and are concise. Also, the color contrast draws your eye to the header and important titles, etc.

Where was SEET,LLC located? Since the other jobs below it have the location, I’m curious as to why it was omitted.
The only other question I would have if I were a hiring manager is specifically when in 2018 vs. just the year that you worked there. It would help to give a better understanding of your career timeline.

All in all, it’s looks good and is easy to read.

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Hey @nballaney,
I agree with @IvyY , your resume is clean and clear. That’s awesome. The only my question is that you use general verbs like Customized, Delivered, Build. It is not obvious for me what exactly you were doing on these projects. I see you have engineering experience in the past. So I can assume that you develop these projects yourself. Or you are acting as a project manager on these projects?

I think your resume will be more obvious if you will add some particular activities/responsibilities on these projects.

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Got it. Thanks a lot for the feedback @NikitaSkitev! Please let me know if there’s anything I can do in return

Hi @nballaney, It was a pleasure to give feedback about the resume. By reviewing a resume you also learn a lot of new things. (This is what we PMs always need, right?).

There are some ways you can contribute to the community back:

  • Giving feedback to other community members about their resume. You can find them here;
  • Sharing your experience, case studies, best practices in our chatting category;
  • Share interview questions you had before on the interviews and answers you think are right;
  • Tell the world about this forum (to your colleagues, facebook friends, twitter followers, etc).

Glad to hear that. Will give back to the community :slight_smile: