Resume feedback appreciated! Would love to connect with the community!

Hi everyone, I’m looking to make a transition from my traditional engineering background as a mechanical/systems engineer into a PM role. I’d appreciate any feedback on my resume and how I could put my best foot forward. I’d gladly return the favor!

Also, I’d love to connect with some of you and hear about your experiences. I’m in the SF Bay Area and would be open to coffee or phone chats. I’ve included my Linkedin profile if you’d like to learn more about my background. I look forward to hearing from you guys!

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Hi @Brandon, thank you for posting your resume!

I was starting writing the feedback, but I have a question first. You have such a cool education and also experience as an engineer in the aircraft field and in a company like Boeing! It looks like a great experience and super interesting profession.

You said you want a transition to a PM in software development?
I am wondering, what is your motivation? And also, what are your expectations from a new position?

Hi @NikitaSkitev, thanks for your interest in my previous experiences!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences delivering technical products in aerospace industries and working on large-scale projects. One of things I really liked was interacting with customers on both the business and technical sides which gave me the platform to speak to different audiences. One thing that I wasn’t fond of is that the aerospace industry tends to be slower-paced and have lots of red tape. I’d like to transition into a PM role because I am interested in working in cross-functional teams to launch new products in a faster-paced environment. I like engaging with customers, deriving requirements, and building strategy roadmaps.

Being a PM in software development would be awesome! Ideally, I’d like to be a PM working on products related to my background. I have seen PM roles in self-driving car companies, drone-related startups, urban aircraft (flying car) companies. That would be a dream.

Hopefully that gives you a better idea. Thanks in advance and I hope to hear any feedback!

@Brandon, It sounds awesome. I have only experienced working in the software industry (SD, Web, mobile, eCommerce). Hardware industry what you mentioned sounds exciting!

Here is some feedback on what I have about the experience of the latest position.

  1. “Engaged with customers to define user stories”
    I would be a little more focused on achievements, rather than processes. What project it was? What did you change exactly?

Right now it is hard to say what exactly your impact was.

I would say something like:

“Defined requirements for the integration self-driving technology project (or whatever it was) by interviewing customers and collecting quantitative feedback”

  1. Documentation is a great part. I would paraphrase it to “Authored documentation included test cases which cover the 100% of functionality”. Probably it is not the best wording, by I would like to see some achievement here because I can only assume how much work has been done there.

  2. How did you measure productivity? What was before you start leading the process? If this number is accurate I would put in on the first place “Increased team productivity by 38% by…”

  3. I like the point about the roadmap. I would put in on the first place. Be ready to answer the question of how have you done this.

English is not my first language, but I hope you got my idea. Tell me if you have any comments about my feedback. Also, it will be great if you will keep posting about your transition journey!

@Brandon, I like your resume! It is clear but feels strong. I think you can add a header with a short summary though. Just maybe one sentence.

@Brandon, hi there! Just wondering, do you have any progress with applying? It will be really interesting to hear about your progress.