NiftyPM - one collaborative workplace:

Hello everyone,

My name is Jeffrey, I’m from NiftyPM

Nifty is an intuitive communication and collaboration workspace for teams to manage daily tasks, project timelines, and project files to maintain a big-picture view of their organization’s goals and automate their daily progress tracking.

Feel free to check us out @ !

Hi @Jeff613, thank you for sharing this tool! It looks great!

Combining the knowledge base, project management and communication definitely make sense to me.

I have some questions here:
– Does it make sense to integrate this product who already use Jira, Confluence, Slack and are not ready to migrate the whole product stack?
– Can the number of features be customized on a project level (e.g. if I don’t want to have communication for one of them)?
– There are tons of integrations and plugins for Slack / Jira stack? Do you have a plugin marketplace or Zapier integration or open API?

Hi Nikita,

Hope all is well.

  1. Certainly, but it also depends how steeped your workflow is within these combination of tools. At first, you may want to migrate one product/project at a time.

  2. By customized on a project level, do you mean like a plug and play with the project features? For example, disabling tasks or milestones from a project. If so, the answer is no, but you are able to “mute” projects so that you do not receive notifications from selected ones.

  3. We have Zapier integration and provide open API to enterprise clients. We don’t have a plugin marketplace at this time, but it is something we are planning for the future.