Is remote work possible for product managers?

DigitalOcean just published a report about remote work for developers.

Over the past four years, 82 percent of developers have started working remotely in some fashion, from being remote full time to splitting their time in and out of an office, to isolated circumstances.

It looks great for dev roles. But I am not sure that with product managers situation is the same. PMs often work close to business roles (biz dev, customer success, sales, support). Also, communication between PMs usually happens more often than between devs.

Does anyone have experience (positive/negative) working remotely as a product manager? Do you think it is the future?

I work in a mixed environment. We work 2-3 days in the office per week. Some team members work 100% remotely because they are located in other cities.
I can say it is the most efficient model for us. We have all the meeting during these 2-3 days in the office. And I can work more efficient other days on work which doesn’t require in-person communication.

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Here is the twitter poll result:

Is remote work possible for product managers?

— Im Manager (@managerdotim) August 26, 2019