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Hi there!
My name is Katelynn, I am a PM in a fin-tech B2B startup. I am new to the Bay Area. I have a background in product analysis, and business development. I am looking to connect with like minded product managers!

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Hello! I am experienced Product Manager with 5+ years experience managing product, UX, customer development, project management.

I am looking for contract roles in Product Management. Does anybody know jobs boards for this type of work?

My location is London, UK.

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At our team built the ultimate real-time business process management app. What does this mean? Basically your entire business can be managed from one app inside and outside the walls of your company. Powerful, time-saving business processes for every team. Starting at only $99 with Unlimited free portals for clients and customers.

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Hey, all. I’m a product marketer, most recently with TRP.
I position complex marketing products, services, and technologies for success in the market.
Happy to discuss any marketing related questions.

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Hi Everyone,

  • Name - Raghav Tandon but everyone calls me Raggie
  • Company name; RateMyAgent
  • Greeting; Hello World! I am a Senior Product Manager, currently working in SaaS space in Melbourne Australia - Happy to contribute and help the Community!
  • LinkedIn link;
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Name; Saurabh Dayama
Company name; Give Labs (
Greeting; Hello everyone! Just got to know about this community. I am a Product Manager in a FinTech startup in Amsterdam. Glad to be here and make new friends!
LinkedIn link;
Other info (optional). I am working in the blockchain space and looking out for new opportunities.

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Hello Everyone,

Hope all doing great.

My name is Cynthia Ceil. I am currently an active job searcher in NY, NJ. Have 12 yrs experience in IT as PM, BA, QA building products for various clients across different domains.

Looking forward to connect with fellow PMs and any job opportunities.

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  • Name; Emily Zoda
  • Company name; Ziff Davis
  • Greeting; hi! I’m in the digital media/publishing world working currently as a digital producer for a website. I want to slightly pivot my career more into product management. any tips you want to send my way are totally appreciated! (or job listings for an associate are also welcome!)
  • LinkedIn link;
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Hi Emily! How is the transition process so far?
Do you have any particular steps to pivot from Digital Producer to PM?

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Hi Everyone!

I’m Nahla I work as a product owner at 4Sale International. Here is my linked in

I’m looking forward to be part of that community and I hope I can add something new also :slight_smile:
I’m new to product management and I have a lot to learn from all the great minds here.
I came from a technical background as I used to be a mobile and a java developer.

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Hello all, my name is Lance Douglas.

I’ve recently been given the luxury to focus my career and I discovered that I’ve been a product owner/manager for 20 years, just with different colored hats.

I’m loving this this journey I’ve started with Product-School and beyond. Check out my profile, and chat me up if there is anything I can answer for you.

I’m doing the same, Emily. Check out Product School.

Hi! Can you please share your story, how have you done the transition from a tech person to a product one? Was it hard? What was the main challenge?

Hi everyone
I’m Mimi Ajayi, I’m with a long established retail organisation. My role is business analysis, acting as product manager to gradually transform operations directly connected to its flagship mobile app. It’s a hybrid no-two-days-the-same role in every way possible!
Currently, my most used skill is Stakeholder Management. I like a good brainteaser and will join in any debates on here to learn from other perspectives. I tend to take a positive, constructive user-entric approach.

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I converted inside my company so I’m already aware of the company’s business that was the powerful point. What is hard is to convert my thinking to be as a product owner not as a developer and to be close to the developers but not to do their job. My team was most of the time returning to me to fix some technical problems. This was my biggest issues to convert completely from development.

Agile and Software Consultant - nTask

15+ years of experience working with Agile teams. I write about what inspires me, explore how great Agile teams perform, and avidly read about tech that has the potential to disrupt.

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Hi all, I am Himanshu Singh - PM (de facto Head of products) at Townscript - India’s leading Do-It-Yourself (DIY) event registration management platform and events marketplace. You can connect with me on Linkedin at Townscript is now going global with an ability to onboard event organizers from a number of countries. If you are travelling to Bali - do find some of the coolest DJ nights on