I'd love to have this community review my resume

I’m trying to tell the story of making the pivot from CX to Product. Thanks!

First of all, I think it is a brilliant idea for moving to the product. Welcome to the family!

I believe if you want to switch to the product, your resume should be a little more product-focused :upside_down_face:

Remember that recruiters spend ~5 sec per resume when they are looking at it for the first time. You should catch their eye.
Think about something about your experience when you managed it as a product and try to put it here.

I would suggest focussing more on internship what you’ve done rather than Support experience. For me sentence “New feature rollout planning” doesn’t say a lot. It will be great to see what type of feature and what type of planning.
I would say something like:

  • ‘Prepared A/B testing strategy for a new checkout page for increasing conversion rate.’
  • ‘Collected valuable feedback about the new feature by testing the beta version of the product with early adopters’

Also, consider your resume as a product. You can get early feedback about it and modify it, run A/B tests, collect conversion rate with it, etc.

Hope it helps, good luck with a transition!

Thank you! I appreciate your feedback.

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Hi @taylor, I think it is a great start!
I think @NikitaSkitev made some good points here.
Personally, I am not sure about the template and using the photo. A/B test your resume is a good idea, but I would go with a simpler style with more text than graphics.

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Hi @taylor, nice to digitally meet you.
Congrats on wanting to move to Product - it is a fun, challenging and exciting space to be in.
I 100% agree with @NikitaSkitev - also great idea running it like a product.
in addition to what was mentioned what I would change is the statements under each role to be more in the format of
Action - Result with emphasis on statistics e.g.
Prepared A/B testing strategy which resulted in an Increase of the Conversion rate from x% to x%
Collected Feedback on beta testing and this resulted in… etc.

Hope that helps.