I am attaching my resume and would be very grateful to get your comments


This is a great initiative to get feedback on Resume. I am attaching my resume and would be very grateful to get your comments.


Hi Saurabh, Thank you for posting your resume it was interesting to read!
I see you have a great experience. Tradinionally, I have some comments to the experience section from the last company.

  1. I think the messaging about leading all aspects deverves to be at the top of the page in a highlights. I believe for experience part it is a little to broad. Not sure about it.

  2. I like the point about develping product strategy. I would probably add something a little more about your particular input.

  3. Like the point about customer need classification. Probably it worth to add information about how did you identified them.

  4. About managing stakeholders… I know we all do this. I read the feedback from one respectful recruiter that mentioning this is not a good pattern. Honestly, I have no idea how to improve this. Probably someone else from the forum can help here.

All the above is just my thoughts outloud. Hope it helps.

Hi @saurabhdayama, I see you have experience in a blockchain. It is an interesting domain. How do you think are there any special skills PM should have to manage blockchain products?

Thank you Nikita for your detailed feedback. It definitely helps!

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@KatelynnMuriel Blockchain certainly is a very interesting and dynamic domain. A basic knowledge of how blockchains work is and knowing the Pros & Cons of each blockchain is very useful. Most blockchain apps have a bit of a learning curve for the end users and as a PM we need to do a lot of hand-holding.