How to grow as a product manager?

it feels like a growth path for a developer is clear. You can learn new technology, programming language, contribute to the open-source.
I don’t’ have many ideas about how it is possible to grow as a product manager?
Here is what I have:

  • Study PM methodology which is new for you;
  • Learn more about areas around the product (tech, finance, accounting, marketing);
  • Explore and start using new product tool;

What other ideas of growing as a product manager you have?

If you don’t have much experience as a product manager, I believe you can identify what problems you or people around you face in real life. You can apply PM techniques to identify them, prioritize them, generate ideas and test a solution.
If you document it well I think it will be great experience and story to tell in the interview.

The most important thing you can do to improve your skill as a pm is build. I highly recommend aspiring and emerging product managers continue to build their capabilities by solving problems and delivering value for end users.

This often times translates into building out opportunity decks (problem/solution/how to execute/look and feel), building mvps (technical/non technical), and maybe diving into pro-bono/ consulting work early on to understand the process behind delivering value.

I would also recommend immersing yourself in the industry and with other product managers you’re interested in learning more from. You can do that by reading posts on medium/following people on twitter/ or listening to podcast/ reading books.