Difference between B2B and B2C product managers

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I think I will be ready for a new challenge soon :wink:. All my PM experience was for the B2B Saas products. Now I am also considering the consumer-facing products.

I understand there is a difference in responsibilities in these two environments in many many processes like stakeholders, interaction with clients, etc.

What do you think are the main differences and which one do you prefer B2B or B2C?

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That’s what I get after my research on this topic (reply to myself).

In B2B environment the product discovery is more consultative then data-driven. Finding common
feature requests between large customers. One of the definition of enterprise product and B2B that customer and user are two different people, so when you build the product you should balance between these two.

In B2C the user and customer are typically the same person. Discovery process in B2C is based on problem identification and hypothesis/idea testing.

B2C is about creating. Usually you work on optimizing the funnel, conversion rate, activation, retention.
I would say that in B2B you’re mostly balancing with a feedback and requests from customers with longer deal cycles. The decicion making process from your customers are much slower. Because of this there is a higher barrier to entry to the market.

From my experience switching from B2C to B2B will be harder. I have been on many interviews where B2B requires deep domain knowledge. I don’t see the same picture for B2C product manager.