Can a Product Manager being an introvert?

Hey guys, I need advice. Right now I work as a Product Analyst. I am considering a transition to Product Management.
The problem is that I am an introvert. I think it could be a problem and I won’t be so efficient and inspiring for the team as other PMs.
What do you think?

I have a similar concern. I am staring at my first PM job in a large company (financial industry). I am terrified about being able to get along with my colleagues.

I know connections are important, but I am very bad in small talks, etc.

I can empathise :slight_smile: I’m naturally an introvert and much prefer observing people quietly, but my roles do not tend to allow me that luxury.
To answer your question, two tips I can offer[a] I remind myself that I bring my area of expertise, past experience and fresh perspective = I am efficient AND effective; [b] all human beings like to talk about themselves and from whiich you may find common ground or say something polite = inspiring. To me, a small talk is inspiring a smile, a nod, laughter and even later conversation.
All of that takes practice, some occasions will go better than others. Stick with it, I say.
Idk if that helps?

@Mimi, these two are nice advices. Thank you!

From my understanding when we talk about communication management we mean all types of communications. Not only verbal small talks during the lunch or presentation skills in a meeting room.

Communication is to defining what information should be delivered to what group of people. It could be emails, reports on confluence, comments in Jira, etc, etc.

For me, good communications are when all stakeholders are on the same page, but not overwhelmed by messages.

I believe verbal communications skills are important, but the more important is knowing when and how to inform key stakeholders including your managers, peers, customers, partners and so on. So being introvert is not an issue for beeing a product manager :wink: