Asking for Resume Feedback

Hi Everyone!

My name is Ruchi and I have been trying to get into the Product space for quite some time now. It’s been a tough road and I wanted to see if anyone can provide some feedback on my resume.

Thank you!

Hi Ruchi! Glad you created a topic and posted a resume for a review. It is awesome! I would love to give some feedback. I think it will be better if you will add resume as a file. Right now when I am clicking on the link google drive showing the request an access dialog.

Hi Nikita!

I have my resume uploaded. Are you located in NYVC? is it possible to grab a coffee one day?


Generally, I think your resume is quite good.

I have some small feedback about your first experience (I think it is the most crucial part of the resume).

Here some points about description to the bullet points respectively.

  1. I would be a little more concrete. How did you compile this analysis? Did you conduct interviews? Questionnaire? Data analysis?
  2. I would add more info about events which is product specific. For instance, you can say you were collecting the feedback about your product on these events.
  3. I think this one is good.
  4. I am also trapped into this wording “Participate in …”. But I am afraid it doesn’t sound convincing enough. I suggest to be more specific and saying what you were doing. Like “Interviewing partners” or something similar.

After these 4 points, I see you have some experience in collecting the feedback. It is an essential part of PM responsibilities.
I think it will be great to think also about other parts, like identifying the problem, interaction with developers, collaboration with designers, data analysis and a/b test, design thinking, brainstorming, prototyping, hypothesis testing, etc.

All above is just my point of view. I hope it can be helpful.

Yes, I am in NYC. Will DM you.

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Thanks nikita! Yes I definitely agree to your points and will be adjusting them today. Within my role at now, I do not work with developers, do not create proto types or hypothesis testings for products. My role is more like an account manager however I had to change my title to get a little more attraction. However it still hasnt worked! So i will have to rework on my resume . I look forward to your DM and if we can meet for coffee id love to pick your brain on PM if that is okay

@Ruchi_Vora are there any apm/ pm opps at Booking? You also might want to see if you can get some exposure to their team by shadowing the pm/apm or engaging on a team in your down time. That might also be helpful in buffing up your resume.