Agile Project Management for Distributed Teams

Agile project management is an iterative approach to delivering requirements throughout the project life cycle. Likewise, we live in a world where the whole organizational approach to remote teams is finally changing. As a result, a great number of companies are encouraging remote workforces to a lenient extent. The distributed team concept is getting so endorsed that 50% of all of the US Workforce will be completely remote by the year 2020.

Working remotely for the employees is very freeing but the managerial aspects of having a distributed team are far from that. In other words, managing a remote team brings its own set of difficulties and hurdles regarding engagement and collaboration where managers have to constantly rethink their workplace strategy with the changing organizational culture.

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In our case of distributed team the main issue was not the absence of physical space, but different timezones. Our management located in the US, but development in Europe. We have only 2-3 hours per day to being able to chat.

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@fredwilsonsays, thank you for sharing your thoughts! Keep going!
BTW, we had a similar topic here: Is remote work possible for product managers?
But you are right, today we call remote team – distributed :wink:

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Great article about Distributed Product Teams:


The best option for your team will be to get on the go (mobile).

Thanks Nikita for your comment :slight_smile:

What do you mean by get on the go? I am really interesting to learn more about it.

Means manage the work and enable collaboration through mobile phone. Many collaborating softwares comes with mobile apps. So, they are necessary to align remote teams.

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